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Travis wall dating

, 27, on Wednesday night, which was also the duo's fifth anniversary.RELATED: Hilary Swank is Engaged to Ruben Torres — See Her Stunning Ring! ' I met the love of my life, Dom Palange, five years ago, and my life is forever changed," Travis told The 28-year-old added, "My closest friends set up 200 candles and roses on the beach in Malibu and both of our families flew in from across the country.Like, not really a boyfriend relationship, but something else. So I didn’t even realize the impact of me like just saying “I miss you, I love you” on Twitter and then people are saying that I came out. AE: I have to ask, how stressful is it for gay male dancers on ?

Wall dishes on his roommates, his first big movie and why gay dancers shouldn’t dance gay.

“So I stepped in and took care of Wade’s number for those two days, and Jeff [Thacker] saw how I was acting with the contestants and how responsible I was being with somebody else’s number,” Wall says.

Soon after, Wall got called into action when choreographer Mia Michaels had to back out of an episode. He had to immediately tell the producer what song he wanted to use–Wall chose his favorite Jason Mraz tune “If It Kills Me”–and he was in the studio working with contestants Jason Glover and Jeanine Mason the next morning, constructing an emotional contemporary routine.

Dallas Voice: What’s it like living with these guys?

Wall: We’ve been living together for two years now and it’s been something else! We’d have a dance company regardless of whether we have a TV show or not.

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Right now my room is such a mess because I’m always trying to clean up the kitchen and the living room. We have this huge goal but absolutely no way of getting it done. Has having a dance company always been a dream of yours? What new goals have you set for yourself now that you’ve accomplished your other ones?