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Posted by / 12-Dec-2017 02:16

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So I recently moved, and we haven't gotten our internet set up yet, and most likely it won't be happening in the immediate future, so I'm wondering if there's any way that I might be able to download the update on my computer and burn it to a disk or something like that.

I would really love to have all the stuff that's been added since the original 360 release. Other than that, everything else you try is at your own risk. The only legit way I know of is to just take your Xbox somewhere that has internet, say a friend or family members house, and just update it there.

Other than that, everything else you try is at your own risk. My cousin has done it before, but not really a good thing to do depending on how you have your phone setup.

Using Xbox Live Manually Applying Updates Community Q&A Minecraft is a constantly evolving game, and new updates can add some crazy content, as well as fix serious problems.

Some are suggesting the dash update, but I don't think that it actually comes on there. And I don't think you can actually bring just the hard drive for the optional media update as it is tied to the console (I think).I've been able to format an external to fat32 and the console recognizes the drive but can't play any of the files without an update (this thing is like 4 years old and hasn't been updated).The problem is the cables that run from the 360 to the TV also go through a false wall to keep all the cabling neat and it is apparently too much of a pain for them to pull it all out so I can take the 360 to my place and update it for them.You can totally hook up your XBox 360 to your phone's internet via hotspot if you have wireless capabilities for your XBox.I do it all the time (I have an Android but have done it with an i Phone as well) This being said I HIGHLY advise against doing this unless you have unlimited data.

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That and also depends if it is a phone able to be used with the xbox.