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However, during a time of terrible personal struggle in my life, I had been reading the Qur’an and praying eagerly for help. A co-worker told me that if you pray in Jesus’ name, that Jesus will help you.

I didn’t believe that, but figured it was worth a try in my desperate state.

Growing up in the Middle East, I was a strong adherent of Islam.

I tried my best to do exactly what the Qur’an and the Muslim Sharia laws teach. I thought that I must be the worst person on the face of the Earth because I couldn’t keep the laws.

Uvek sam se osecala sigurnom i zasticenom kada sam se oblacila u "zensko" pa sam nesmotreno prihvatilla poziv tog cikice od 55-60 godina.

Seli smo na klupu i polako pricali o svemu i svacemu.

I was also taught that Jesus was just a prophet who was inferior to Muhammad.

I never once thought for a second that I’d ever leave Islam and become a Christian! I saw Christians as being immoral, a view I got from Hollywood movies and seeing how some of the nominal Christians in my own country lived.I believed strongly that Islam and the Qur’an were true, but I struggled with my knowledge of my own sinfulness. When I was 27 years old, I was introduced to the Bible for the first time.Because of this, I thought I was surely going to Hell, and so I feared death greatly. I started just reading it for its stories since I had been taught that the Bible had been corrupted.» en anglais, en espagnol, en portugais, en italien ou en allemand, cliquez ici Ci-dessous vous trouverez des propositions de traduction soumises par notre communauté d’utilisateurs et non vérifiées par notre équipe.En étant enregistré, vous pourrez également en ajouter vous-même.

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