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Cathedral favorite machine old stitched updating window

Singer Featherweights have many features that are either peculiar to them or at least unusual in the sewing machine world.We will look at some of these in this space to help you get the most out of your machine and enjoy using it even more! And now, welcome to the seventh block of the Cathedral Windows Quilt Along :) I'm going to show you how to make a Cathedral Star block, using two different kinds of units: a faux cathedral window for the center and "cathedral" geese for the star points.To piece the cathedral geese, begin with one 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangle of Fabric B, which is my brown solid for me and two 3 1/2" squares of Fabric A, which is my blue Summersville print. Slide your finger underneath Fabric B, which will be your "goose", and grab the loose corner. Next, take the 6 1/2" square of Fabric B and fold in half, wrong sides together.2) The stop motion washer (located under the stop motion knob is not correctly installed).There were a couple of distinct washers Singer used depending upon the year model of the machine.I will be adding more patterns as time goes on so if you have a favorite you’re waiting for just let me know. I’m Angela from My Three Sons and I was a mechanical engineer in my life before kids.

And they are a perfect showcase for your favorite charm pack.

The Dragonfly fabric that I used is one of my all time favorite fabrics. Permalink 1 Comment I have started to put my patterns on Berries Jubilee, Romantic Reflection, Parchment & Black Lacquer and Sparkling Stars are now available for purchase and download as PDFs at my Craftsy store.

I appreciate all the support I have had through the years for my technique and hopefully this will make the technique available to more quilters all over the world.

We're going to be making a sandwich of sorts with these three pieces of fabric. Fold the long side of rectangle of Fabric B, wrong sides together, and lay on top of your square, with the fold away from you, and the raw edges aligned on the right side. This is okay, I promise, it's important for that fold to not line up. Begin to pull that corner to the right Fabric A square, as shown below. To create the curves, grab the pressed edge of your goose and begin to fold it over as much or as little as desired. This square will become the fabric we fold down to create the cathedral window effect for this unit.

Lay the folded rectangle on top of the Fabric A square, with the fold away from you, aligning the raw edges on the bottom and right side.

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This quilt is, and I’m guessing, about 15 years old.

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