Updating voting registration in oregon

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Updating voting registration in oregon

(Make sure your printer is set up for “landscape” printing!) In October 2002, the "Help America Vote Act" was signed into law.It also should attract more young voters who spend more time on the Internet, she said."One of my chief goals is to reduce barriers to people participating in the democratic process," she said.Minnesota and Maine have the highest registration rate in the nation at 80 percent. For those who register online, the signatures on their driver's licenses, permits or ID cards will serve as the signatures for voter registration cards.Those signatures will be checked to validate mail ballots in elections.

And you have to be a Republican if you want to weigh in on Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich. Oregon is starting to automatically register voters using DMV data – but there are still a lot of people eligible to vote who aren’t registered.She expects the online option will increase the portion of eligible voters who register, particularly those under 25.The state estimates about 77 percent of eligible voters are registered, leaving about 600,000 still unregistered. They will be required to have a valid Oregon driver's license, permit or identification card.If you do not have a valid ODL / ID, the last four digits of your Social Security number must be provided.If you do not have a valid Oregon Driver’s License / ID or a Social Security number, you must affirm this by marking the appropriate box on the registration form.

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Oregonians can register to vote online starting today as Oregon becomes the fourth state in the nation to offer voters an electronic path to the polls.

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